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Sand Volleyball at Harmony

About Us

Get in the Game! #NewTownSandVolleyball

2019 Fall mini session starts

Friday September 27th.


New Town Volleyball offering Spring, Summer and Fall Sand Volleyball Leagues in 2020.


2020 Tournaments and Court rentals also available. Each session offers play for 8 weeks and includes a week of playoffs!

Register your team today!


1100 S Harmony Ave, Independence MO 64056

2019 Fall

Mini Session

Fall Session
Starts September 27th
Free for 5 week mini session
Friday night only



All participants in the league assume the risk of injury. New Town Fitness, LLC/New Town Volleyball/New Town at Harmony, its employees, and volunteers shall not be liable for injury to person, loss or damage to personal property arising from or in any way resulting from participation in the league.


League Rules

  • Coed 6's

  • Each team will play 3 games to 21 (must win by 2 but 23 point cap) – Rally scoring.

  • Teams will be allowed a 10 minute grace period before forfeiting their first game. or each 5 minutes after, the team will forfeit their 2nd and 3rd game.

  • No more than 3 guys on the court at anytime.

  • A team of 6 players can't have more than 3 guys.

  • A team of 5 players may have 3 guys and 2 girls AS LONG AS the other team allows.

  • A team of 4 players may have 3 guys and 1 girl AS LONG AS the other team allows.

  • A team of 3 players or less may have any number of guys and girls AS LONG AS the other team allows.

  • A team of ALL girls IS allowed.

  • Let serves are allowed.

  • Players in the net will be called.

  • Players can set the serve over the net as long as it is NOT in a downward motion.

  • Players may NOT attack (spike) or block the serve in a downward motion even if the player keeps two feet on the ground.

  • Players may use their feet to get the ball up but not over the net.

  • Players may set the ball over at any time.

  • Players may open hand dink a ball over the net. No palming, referee's discretion.

  • Poles are the antennas. •All lifts will be called at the referee’s discretion.

  • Sets must be clean. (Per USAV rules.)

  • Players may cross into the opponent’s area (generally during "pursuit" or during an attempt to save a ball in or under the net) as long as they do not interfere with the opponents. League Champion

  • The team that wins the playoffs at the end of the session will be declared league champion.

  • House Rules Unsportsmanlike conduct towards the other team/referee will not be tolerated! May result in a forfeit of your game and removal from the premises.

  • You must always wear a shirt and shoes when entering the bar/restaurant areas.

  • Absolutely no outside food or drinks are allowed.



How much do leagues cost? Future leagues

All teams are $180 for a 8 week session.


How can I register and pay for my team?

You may arrange a time to drop off a check or cash. Online payments coming soon!


What is the difference between your different divisions?

All leagues are just for fun!

•Coed Recreational 6s = Most teams who have played sand volleyball before should register in Recreational

•Coed Beginner 6s = For teams new to playing sand volleyball


What is the rainout policy?

We will try and get all the games in and play in slight rain, but we don’t play in heavy rain or lightning.


If you are unsure about the weather, please check our facebook page to see if the games are still on, cancelled, or delayed.

If your game is cancelled you will be contacted to set up a makeup date. There might be a possibility of a double header.



Can individuals sign up for league play?

We receive several inquiries from players that would like to be placed on a team. We request that you post on our facebook page if you are looking for a team.

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