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When you make the decision to move into New Urbanism, you can expect there to be a reasonable amount of community feel within the neighborhood. Already familiar with the concept, I was elated to learn that there were plans for this type of a development here in the Kansas City area. As the houses began to go up, my interest in the area continued to grow. Moving into New Town at Harmony was one of the best decisions that we could have made. The beautiful homes, ability to appreciate small town living within the city limits, and the chance to appreciate neighborhood amenities are all wonderful but they pale in comparison to the incredible sense of belonging you experience with life in New Town. The people that live here make this space feel like home. Having grown up a military brat, I don’t know how I didn’t really know how it felt to feel so at home in a neighborhood prior to moving here. Now that we’re living the New Town life, I can imagine no better place to put down roots as a family.


When my husband and I first started looking to move we had several boxes that needed to be checked for it to feel like the right fit. With us having a young family, a sense of safety and community were at the top of our list. Prior to us signing our build contract in January 2020, we had been following New Town at Harmony from its inception, before there were roads. Angie Ripley sat with us in front of what is now the mail center and painted an amazing picture of what this community is going to be and what it could mean for our family. Then, two years later, when we sat down to go through our build contract, our agent, Nick Leslie walked us through the entire process and really set our minds at ease. He worked diligently for us and with the builder to make sure our home was everything we dreamed of. New Town at Harmony really is the most amazing community you could live in. The sales team works very hard to bring entertainment to the residents in the form of concerts, carriage rides, movie nights and other outdoor events and the builders are passionate about making sure every home is unique. We love it here. This is where we were meant to be.


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